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Re: windscreen material

Jeff Borsecnik <jborsecnik@aol.com>.wrote:
> I'd like to make a windscreen for a cannister stove.  Any other ideas? Where 
> can you get super-heavy foil? or very light sheet metal?

Hobby or craft stores carry aluminum "Craft Foil" or "Tooling Foil" in a 3' 
long roll x 12" high. The stuff I buy comes in a cardboard tube. I pay $5 
which is $1 less than the MSR windscreen and it makes 2-4 windscreens based 
on the type you need. It is thinner than the MSR windscreen, but also 
lighter. It should serve your purpose well. Be carefull when enclosing 
canister stoves. As you pointed out, you want the windscreen above the 
canister, or plenty of "hole-punched" holes along the base to provide ample 
oxygen & ventilation. Most cartridges have plastic valves which melt if the 
base of the stove becomes to hot. The melted plastic then plugs up your 
stove's jets and ruins it. The wire frame, or some of the tooling foil 1/2" 
wider than the diameter of your pot used at the base of the burner - but 
above the cartridge connection - should work. I then place a foil cylinder 
on top of the foil disc, then another disc on top as a lid to hold in the 
heat. I can actually bake bread & pizzas using this method with the 
addition of a diffuser. 


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