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Re: [pct-l] G4 Review, gear list and general reflections of a first-time ultr alight hiker (long)

Brian-Thanks for your review of the G4 pack. I borrowed Tom Reynold's G4
for Sections I,J,K, and L this year. Mine wasn't ready yet. I really
like the pack. I had some problems with some stiching that GVP Gear
fixed for free. I finally got mine. I am sold on the G4. I had a Kelty
Cloud and returned it. All my other packs are now in reserve.
It is a big empty sack until you pack it. I packed it per Glen's
instructions on the GVP Gear website and was very pleased with the load
and the distribution of weight. I packed the heavier stuff on the
bottom, like you would pack an internal frame pack. My base weight was
13-14 lbs. Even with 5 days food it was comfortable. It is a very
ingenious design. I bet a big company{Kelty???} will steal the concept
and sell a lot of packs.
Tom Hopkins
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