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[pct-l] Back from the trail!

Hey one and all this is Dharmabum!  I'm back after my 3 months on the PCT this year.  I wanted to complete it all but with my fathers death practically on the same day that I was supposed to start my thru-hike I had to move my start date back a month and start in Tehachapi.  Plus I promised my family I would be back early for a ceremony with my father's ashes at our family cabin in the U.P. of Michigan.  So I only had 3 months really to do the trail and since you all know I'm not into "Ray's Way' I was going to just do a long section which turned out to be about 1500 miles of the trail from Tehachapi to Crater Lake, OR give or take miles here and there.  So I was free essentially to do all the side trails and not be held to a strict mileage program.  The High Sierras for me were the real exclamation point of the PCT as it was for many of us out there and we all suffered from post Sierra depression after we left all high country behind.  It was awesome up there and love to do that session again and again.  Many hikers couldn't even go on after the big passes were over.  I had some of the same feelings too but I couldn't wait for Mt. Shasta which was just such an extremley beautiful singular peak I couldn't believe it wasn't in the lower Sierras.
More comments to come working on the next adventure already!
Paul aka

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