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[pct-l] G4 Review, gear list and general reflections of a first-time ultr alight hiker (long)

Hi all,

For many years I was a backpacker with a big external frame pack and heavy
leather boots.  Since early '97 I've thru-hiked 3,500 miles and spent much
time developing, practicing and studying the lightweight techniques we all
discuss on these lists.  That experience is a large part of the reason I can
be comfortable and safe with a ten pound pack.  Newcomers must sometimes
wonder what it would be like to "jump in" to an ultralight system.  This
summer my brother did just that.  I gave him carte blanche to borrow any of
my equipment for a John Muir Trail hike with our father, Roy Robinson AKA
TrailDad, who many of you know from these lists as the designer of the Cat
stove and a PCT thru-hiker.  So Greg had more advice than he could handle.

Nothing was forced on him.  He chose the gear he felt comfortable with,
which he lists at the end.  It's a LOT less gear than I ever would have been
comfortable switching to in early '97!  Here's his report.  I added the
names of some of the gear and made a few other clarifications as he

Brian Robinson   

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