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Re: [pct-l] PCT thru-hike styles

Elizabeth A. Foshion wrote:
> In prepping for my own PCT thru-hike, I've been reading a lot of people's online journals. One thing I keep seeing is an obsession with making mileage, it seems to the exclusion of really enjoying all the trail has to offer.Also, a couple of folks seem to have pushed themselves into injury, exhaustion, and quitting.
> Certainly I'm going to hike my own hike, but I've been envisioning stopping to enjoy every cool view, water source, animal (bears excluded), sunset, etc. that the trail has to offer - even if it means finishing the next year.
> Any comments, especially from folks who've done the trail?
> katt
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The bears and the mountain lions are the best part....if you are lucky
enough to see one. I have still never seen a mountain lion out there.
Tom in Sacramento
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