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[pct-l] windscreen for a cannister stove.

Jeff Borsecnik <jborsecnik@aol.com> said:

>>I'd like to make a windscreen for a cannister stove.<< 

For years I used a home-made windscreen with a Gerry (Hank Roberts)
cannister stove.  I used regular Reynolds Wrap HD Aluminum foil,
bonded to the sticky side of ordinary vinyl shelf paper.  Trap 4
stiff wires (I used coat hangers) between the foil and the vinyl,
equally spaced and with about 3" sticking out at the bottom.  The
top end of each leg should have a loop so you can grab the wire.

This makes a three-sided screen that rolls up into a bundle about 
1/2" in diameter.  I used it with the open side downwind, and
on the same side as the cannister.  Grabbing the loops, press the
long ends into the soil.  If you use a bottom-mounted cannister
cut away enough of the bottom of the screen so the cannister does
not overheat.  The height of the screen should be the height of 
your stove + the height of your tallest pot.

If you want to go "ultra-lite" try and find 4 aluminum knitting
needles of the proper length.  That ought to save an ounce over
the steel coathanger wire.

Hope this helps. . . .Kurt 

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* From the PCT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *