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RE: [pct-l] light, reflective material for windscreen

Jeff Borsecnik wrote:
I'd like to make a windscreen for a cannister stove. Ideally, it would be a
lightweight heat-reflective material on a wire frame that would fit over the
stove and pot like a cylinder (or box or whatever). Is there anything from
the heating/AC world like this (maybe would look like a tube you'd let your
hamster run through--if he was the size of a muskrat)?

From what I've heard (not personal experience), tight-fitting windscreens
are not a good idea to use with cannister stoves.  You can easily trap
enough heat to warm the cannister itself beyond it's rated
temperature/pressure capacity and possibly cause an explosion.  But maybe
someone with actual experience with cannister stoves could enlighten you
further on that topic.

That said, two good sources of lightweight material would be disposable
aluminum foil roasting pans from your local grocery store, or aluminum dryer
vent pipe (the stiff kind, not the flexible kind) from your local hardware
store.  Of the two, the roasting pans would be a lighter gauge.

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