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[pct-l] Fwd: JMT Photos?

PCT listers:

If anyone can help this guy out please reply to him (not me)

>Subject: JMT Photos?
>Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 16:30:59 -0700
>From: Buzz Burrell <buzz@dimensional.com>
>To: "Brick Robbins" <brick@fastpack.com>
>Thanks again for your help on the JMT planning, particularly the website
>you did for the PCTA.  The guidebook we bought was worthless.  We had a
>good trip.  (http://www.dimensional.com/~buzz/JMT)
>I'm putting together a slideshow, going to feature the PCTA and the
>Sierra Club/John Muir Exhibit, and the images I just got back ... are not
>good.  Too much smoke in the air, too much stress on me, etc.
>So I'm looking to augment my show with a few choice images borrowed or
>bought from other people.  I would happily pay to dupe a few great
>slides.  Any ideas, thoughts, photos?   I would need them middle of next
>Buzz Burrell
>Boulder, CO

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