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<< Had a few deaths on the AT from heart attacks. Hikers on the AT list rant 
 that Americans are too soft now days and out of shape . ( written by a 23 
 year old snowboard/skateboard type I'm convienced ) Your chances of death by 
 heart attack on the trail are less than your chances of being crushed in 
 auto driving to buy a new sleeping bag. Even if you do have the BIG ONE 
 hiking, so what!!! >>

My family and I had the recent troubling experience of trying to help a man 
who had a heart attack on the trail.  Nothing about his appearance would tell 
you he was out of shape.  In fact, his hiking boots were well worn.  After 
CPR failed and the rescue by EMT's appeared futile, we quietly left the wife 
and son to grieve their loss.  

You must know your limitations and be prepared to accept your fate.  True, it 
was a beautiful place to leave this life, but a sad and possibly premature 
departure  as far as his family was concerned.


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From:          "Jack Young" <youngjack@hotmail.com>
Date:          Sun, 20 Aug 2000 06:06:56 GMT
Subject:       [pct-l] food web site--again
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OK - finally!!!

just in case you weren't totally sick of this yet...I finally got this page 
up and kinda working. I also got all the werds spelllt right..he he

you might recognize some of your posts.  I've never done a webPage before. 
It's fun when you get it to work.

If I get some recipes for sweets I'll add a section for that as well.

y'all have fun!

Jack Young

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