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Re: [at-l] SLC Outdoor Retailer Show

I'm really interested in "normal" trail women testing the products made
for women. My girlfriend is interested in packing and I want good info
to give her. Let me know if you all want me to contact the manufacturers
for samples. I think it would take up to a year to really get it rolling
but by the show next year


I am a "normal" trail woman. I think the listers can verify this fact. I
"normally" like to do weekenders. With children, it's ab"normal" for me
to do lengthy hikes. But I can usually give a
"better than normal" written review. You "normally" can find me here, as
I love this "normal" group of b'packers!

Thanx....from a "normal" hiking woman! 

Good Hiking

.....I climbed a mountain and I turned around. And I saw my reflection
in a snow covered hill, till a landslide brought me down......(from
Fleetwood Mac...Landslide)

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