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[pct-l] Yo-yo

Hello all,
  Although it's good to be home, I'd RATHER be out in the woods.  I spent
the last 7 weeks meeting my sweetie David Paulson, aka Diamond Back Dave,
aka California Dave, aka Walk On, at road crossings from Tuolumne Meadows
to Steven's Pass.  Then I had to get back to banality and bills.
   BUT he called in yesterday, 8-15-00, from Stehekin.  He reached the
border on August 12 and is now headed back south in a yo-yo attempt.  He's
10 days behind Scott Williamson whom he finally got to meet.  Although he
started with the pack on April 28, he pulled ahead in the Sierras and then
really increased miles while I was there to provide support.  He's
continuing to do 30+ mile days and feels great and is finally getting to
see some hikers again. (We leap frogged young Dave of the Dave and Mule
team, and Sebastian who's hiking Belden to the border, for a week or so in
southern Oregon and Doug - aka el Nino, Scott's former hiking partner, from
White Pass to Snoqualmie.  Dave also met the Ravens PCT'98, Tim and Ann on
this list, who are rehiking Washington, at Snoqualmie.  Other than that
it's been an extremely solitary hike after leaving Monte and Jeff in the
desert as my hiking company was limited to 1-2 hours a day - after which I
hiked back to the car to spend hours/days finding the next road crossing.)
  Dave has considered a yo-yo attempt since his thru-hike in 97.  If anyone
out there wishes to meet up with him to hike for a day, a weekend, a week,
etc.  I know he's interested in company, though not willing to compromise
his pace of 3 - 3 1/2 mph and his milage.  If all goes well, he plans to
pass through Snoqualmie Aug.21 and White Pass Aug. 24.  (That's currently
as far out as I've extrapolated - he thought he'd drop back from his 35+
miles per day to about 25mpd when I left, but he's feeling good with plenty
of energy so he's going for it and I havn't yet adjusted for the new plan
since yesterday was our first communication since I left him on the trail
Aug 7.)
  It looks like an amazing year for this yo-yo possibility.  Scott's
feeling strong, Dave's moving along in good fashion, and Dave said Doug
seemed somewhat whistful and may head south when he reaches the border.
   (I think MY book is going to be "The Roadside Companion to the PCT" a
guide to finding road crossings and trailheads without getting lost or
thinking you are.)
  Walk on,

Shadow Hiker (Nancy)

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