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[pct-l] 25 different dinners

Did these recipes ever get posted? If so could someone---or Marion---forward 
them to me.

I don't even remember what list the message came off of...I just saved the 
text to a word file

most grateful!!

Jack Young

Marion Davison wrote sometime ago*********************

Last Sunday I packed 25 different dinners and wrote down all the recipes.  
any of them turn out scrumptious I will be happy to share them.  These 
require no cooking.  Just boil water, pour it on the stuff , cover it, and 
it sit for 20 minutes, and eat it.  The only pot I carry is an aluminum 
pot and the only thing I have to clean is the cup I eat out of (a 1 quart
plastic cup with handle and lid).  This no-simmer method also avoids 

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