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RE: [pct-l] Free Gear Explanation

In my case, I have a problem with posting my shipping address so all the world can see.  I
think that will open my mailbox for even more unsolicited mail.  Instead of me dangling my
address out there waiting for a manufacturer or retailer to bite, I would like them to
first express a desire or interest themselves, perhaps to the list, that they will be
offering free gear to test.  Then each individual can decide for himself what he wants to
do.  Subsequently, gear postings on your new list would, as you pointed out, be of good
use to the gear makers.


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> Subject: [pct-l] Free Gear Explanation

> shipping address with your real name, etc. Iím thinking about putting them in a
> separate folder or something at the list site so manufacturers can pick for
> themselves whom to send samples to.

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