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In a message dated 08/15/2000 3:12:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
owner-pct-l-digest@majordomo.hack.net writes:

 I would not use anything that a bear could grab in its mouth.  4" is perfect
 to grab and carry away.
 I am going to Lyell in YNP again this year and I will try 6" PVC because I
 am tired
 of carrying the extra three pounds.  I may also go to an alarm and pepper
 spray instead. >>

I like the idea, at least for stowing the waste that can't be burned, and 
perhaps for the less aromatic foods, like some of the pasta and rice.  
Threaded caps are a pretty good seal.  I know it's foolish to underestimate 
the wit of a NP bear, but I'm going to try this on PCT b/t Florence Lake and 
Thomas Edison next week and see what happens.  I'll use Velcro to hook up a 
bell.  Pepper spray the outside for "training"???
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