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Re: [pct-l] My kind of backpacking

The C4 method of backpacking has survived admirably despite the ravings of a 
mad, lunatic, engineer.  C4, of course, is the Clinton C. Clarke Crush method 
that Carl Siechert refers to.  

After all when you get right down to it, isn't backpacking just a 
hormonal-testosterone test of maximum manhood?  Following this, the test 
isn't just how many miles that you can average per day, but how much weight 
you can carry multiplied by the number of miles that you can average in a 
day.  Then using the C4 method, you would carry 65 lbs. and average 20 miles 
per day equaling a 1300 Macho Factor (MF).  Comparing this to the Ray Way 
(RW) method, carrying 25 lbs and averaging 30 miles per day you only come up 
with a MF of 750!  Does the word wimp come to mind?

Grunt, grunt. This is no light weight contest for the faint of heart!  This 
is a . . . (ramble, ramble, ramble) . . . hold out, don't give in to the 
wicked engineer-driven sheep . . .  (ramble, ramble) . . . 

(Aha! Too much time behind the desk does lead to ravings of a mad, lunatic 

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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