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PCT in Lassen National Park


After getting a number of complaints, from hikers and especially
equestrians, about 5-6 miles of blowdown blocking the PCT in the northern
section of Lassen National Park, we passed this information on to NPS
trails staff.  They recently reported that they removed over170 blowdown.

On a related note, the draft Lassen National Forest Plan just came out.
Unfortunately it has little information on the 17 miles of PCT within  the
Park, any needs, management issues or proposals.

Do any of you know this section of PCT well?  Can you give us any
observations, issues and suggestions that we might pass back to the Park?
Are there any signing, trailhead, camping, trail condition, route marking
or trail use issues or land management activities that we should be aware

If you have any information, concerns or suggestions, please pass them on
to me via email <trails@pcta.org> or phone 916-349-0941.  If you wish to
comment on the draft Park plan, you can request a copy by phone or email.
The NPS website is www.nps.gov.

Thank you.
Reuben Rajala
PCTA Trails Program Director

Reuben Rajala, Trails Program Director
Pacific Crest Trail Association
5325 Elkhorn Blvd., PMB #256
Sacramento, CA 95842
Office (general) 916-349-2109
Office (direct) 916-349-0941
Fax: 916-349-1268
Work Email: <trails@pcta.org>

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