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[pct-l] friends on the PCT

Hey Folks, thought you might like to know Charlie Jones and two friends
are here in Siskiyou Co. Tomorrow a.m. we leave to go from Peavine Creek
to Grizzly Peak.  Charlie and friends have been on the road a while and
got in about 5 days of hiking previous to their arrive here. They have
settled in to the KOA in Mt. Shasta and calling that home for a few
weeks. They (as I will be with a different friend) will be leaving about
the 18th to go from Etna Summit to Seiad Valley. Not sure what their
schedule is after that but I know they are heading further North!!
Anyway, thought you who know any of us might like to know what's up. For
whatever its worth, I'll finally finish my goal of doing all of the PCT
in Siskiyou Co (about 221 miles) this year. Has taken two summers due to
more problems than I'll bore you with. But, nothing holding me back this
year: hiking tomorrow w/a knee brace due to a sprained knee!!  Time to
get tough (I guess). Take care, enjoy your hikes and share your stories.
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