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[pct-l] PCT thruhikers -old and new

Rode on the PCT near Slate Pass, Washington on a 5 day trip on my new
steed, who carried me and and 60 pounds of equipment(mostly for the horse,
including 20 pounds of feed).  Sure wish he liked to walk more, but we are
working on that.

I met a ranger who said he had meet a guy (Scott Williamson)that had gone
to Canada than started South again - it sounds like he hit the border about
the 5th of August and is now Southbound for Mexico on a yo-yo.  Phew!  I
sure hope he makes his dream.  He should be starting to run into the other
thruhikers, maybe a report now and than on his progress will be possible.

I also met a thruhiker (2?) named Carol Burkhart from Seattle who thruhiked
in l976.  She was leading her daughter on a spotted donkey.  She met her
husband on the hike - and I think I met him earlier but it was a large
walking party that was  strung out and being supplied by donkeys.  They now
have 5 children.  One year she hiked the PCT in Washington with her
daughter who was 6 at the time, afterwards they went on to do Oregon and
her daughter turned 7 when they reached Crater Lake. Pretty good
acheivement for a 6-7 year old.

I am wondering if anybody has heard how Tom Rogers(HObbit), Lorraine Downer
(Uphill Wanderer) or Lesya Struz are doing out there on the trail?

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