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[pct-l] New Alcohol Stove!!!!

 Just got a new alcohol stove yesterday from my Mom found in Kellogg Idaho. 
Stamped Pat. is Sept. 8th 1908 and is made of nickel plated brass from the 
Landers, Frary and Clark Company. Only has five main jets, but works on 
pressure and sounds like a Svea in action. ( Stamp on burner plate says 
Universal No. 0 alcohol stove) Weight is a tad more than a Bob Reiss or Roy 
Robinson production ( a whopping 35 oz.!!! ) , but in sure looks pretty. I 
will need another piano soon to put my collection of arcade cooking devises 
on. Also found an old lightweight (15 oz. ) " Glogau &Co. Alcohol burner made 
in Chicaco.  I didn't realize how many alcohol stoves were around at the turn 
of the century. Even in the " National Geographic Book" The Pacific Crest 
Trail cir 1974, Will Gray and company claimed to use " a small alcohol 
burner". I'll sign off now before I put anymore of you to sleep with stove 
trivia. I now have claim of the World's largest old Stove collection!!!! 
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