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[pct-l] Two new (to me) gadgets

Howdy listers,
I haven't been following the list closely for the last couple of months
so these may have been discussed already.  If so, delete.  I was at a
training class away from home and had a Sports Chalet store to wander
around in to kill time.  I came across these next two gadgets and like
them both.  They have not been extensively trail tested though.  Both
are much lighter than the pack items they will replace.

Gadget #1 - Mini Buck tool.  This well made mini tool weighs around 1 oz
and has the tools I need for the trail- needle nose pliers (for pulling
out spines from the ubiquitous cholla cactus around here), mini scissors
good enough to trim thick toenails, a nail file/cleaner, overly stiff
tweezers, a bottle opener, a dull knife blade, and a couple of mini
screwdrivers.  For me, the big selling point is the good needle nose
pliers, good scissors, and knife blade in a single lightweight tool.
The other tools are not important to me on the trail.  I had a
Leatherman tool with scissors (PST II or something like that) and the
scissors were way to wimpy to cut anything other than thin paper.

Gadget #2 - The CMG Equipment Infinity flashlight.  It can be seen at
http://www.cmgequipment.com/infinity2.html   Cost at Sports Chalet was
$15.95.  If it gives even half the battery life advertised, it will be
worth it.  The claim is 41 hours of light from a single AA battery.  The
light is an LED with a little circuit board.  The only light color
available where I got mine was yellow but white and other colors are
available.  I played around with it on a trail after dark and there was
plenty of light to follow the trail which is my minimum standard for
brightness.  You can also read though I think the white light would be
better.  This light seems rugged and has survived a couple of falls onto
hard surfaces already.
           Jeff Jones

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