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[pct-l] RE: weathercarrot

tom wrote:

I read entries at Sierra City from:
Trail Mix Tony 7/8
Weather Carrot 7/10
Blister Free 7/25

i spent an enjoyable overnight with weathercarrot at castella jul 24/25.
met him, laura and ed, all thruhikers, about noon at the campsite.  went
into shasta city for e-mail, groceries, PO, food, and ed had to get a new
driver's licence from dmv after he lost his wallet at donner lake.

then to dunsmuir for a movie, laundry and pizza.  up early the next morning
and cooked them an egg and sausage scramble.  they would have made seiad
valley on monday, ashland by tomorrow or friday.  all in great humor and
health.  wish that i was with them (physically - i am in spirit).

ke kaahawe
AT92  TYT94  PCT/2 99

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