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[pct-l] ORE

Carl, you'd be surprised what can fit into a Starflight tent!  

Jeff Zimmerman "Pennsylvania Jeff" crossed into Oregon yesterday.  He is 
taking a couple of well deserved days in Ashland making arrangements to 

"ORE" was spray painted on an oak tree where I crossed into Oregon in 77.  
Hacker and I had taken an I-5 shortcut and had walked around several large 
reservoirs just north of Mt. Shasta.  The water level was low and being 
generally ignorant and not carrying any type of filter then we drank from 
these and promptly caught the serious runs. Summer was in a full court press 
and hovered around 112 in the shade during the day and around 90 at night.  
We walked more in the evening and morning and lazed around in any shade we 
could find during the oppressive mid day heat.

As we crossed into Oregon we came to a lush field of green grass with 
wildflowers in full bloom, a clear, fresh, meandering creek and many trees 
providing cooler shade.  The transformation from dry, hot California into 
cool, green Oregon could not have been more striking.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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