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Re: [pct-l] Hauser Creek Fire

>   Hauser Creek Fire is one of the 8 wonders of the world!!!  Ever notice a
> BIC lighter and a gas can in the back of each border patrol rig??? Some
> there always seems to be a decent size fire every few years near the PCT.
> which is also a super highway for illegals ) With all the money now dumped
> into shoring up our border ( like helicoper fly by's all night long ) , it
> isn't hard to guess how some of these  " Border Fires " get started. In
> I camp right on the border and didn't see any illegals or Border patrol (

From today's Los Angeles Times:
The cause of the [Hauser Creek] blaze remained under investigation. [This
fits nicely with your conspiracy theory. And from the same article, here's
what they said about another fire currently burning in SoCal:]
A man trying to spark the pilot light of his recreational vehicle's water
heater with a burning piece of paper ignited the wildfire, said Forest
Service spokesman Maeton Freel. Freel said the man could face criminal
charges and be held financially responsible for the $4.3-million
firefighting efforts.

> only a 6'9'' hiker with a girl  screeming " slow down, your walking too
> !!! " ) After leaving Campo this year, a recent fire had left most all

We heard "there's not room for both of us in this Starflight tent!" Think it
could've been the same couple?!

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