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[pct-l] Re: Oregon PCT

> I hiked Castella (Northern CA along I-5) to the Columbia River in late
> July-August 1997 - here's some vague thoughts...
> pct-l-digest writes:
>  > I'm interested in learning more about the PCT in Oregon.  I have the
>  > guidebook, and though it is an appreciated work, it remains lacking...
>  > - - Which sections are not so clearly marked (or hard to find the
>  > [For example, crossing lava bed areas or snow]
> I basically never had trouble finding the trail; as trails go it's
> pretty heavily travelled.  No worries with the lava beds (like near
> McKenzie Pass), the trail's good through them, and they're a really
> crazy landscape to hike through.
>  > - - Which sections have a large population of mosquitoes? [I've
>  > heard mostly south of Sisters]
> Yeah, I think they were worst from Hyatt Lake through the Three
> Sisters Wilderness..  I suspect they get mellower as the season goes
> on.
>  > - - Which sections require significant stream/river crossings?
> The only one I recall that was hard was the Sandy River on Mount Hood;
> but it wasn't too bad either.  The time of year would make a big
> difference here, of course.
>  > - - Which sections are the most strenuous/difficult to backpack?
>  > speaking]
> Of my hike, the ten days in northern California (Trinity Alps, Marble
> Mts, etc) were much harder than the rest of the trip through Oregon.
> If you did Columbia river -> Timberline Lodge southbound, that would
> be heck of a climb..  Mt
>  > - - Which sections are the easiest to backpack that most people make
>  > good miles? [Generally speaking]
> From I-5 near Ashland to the Sky Lakes wilderness was pretty easy, as
> I recall.
>  > - - Which sections do you feel are the highlights, with regard to
> scenery.
> Mt Jefferson is a really gorgeous mountain, in a beautiful if heavily
> used wilderness area.  Some of the area around Mount Thielson was
> great too.  Being a dirtbag backpacker and scaring the tourists at
> Crater Lake was fun. :) That lake is impressive, too, if you've never
> been there.
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