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[pct-l] east of glacier alternative

ive done some parts of it. buck creek pass is spectacular,watching the sun
set on glacier peak is memorable,more so in flower season.the napeequa vally
is known as the shangra-la of washington,very pretty.now heres the bad
news,the east of glacier alternative though famed for its scenery is also
famous for something else,BUGS,big bugs little bugs,hordes of bugs that will
eat you alive.bug juice helps a little,but the only thing that worked for me
was constant montion and a bug proof tent.on buck creek pass you may get a
break if there is a breeze,but down in the valley your at there mercy,at
least until dusk when there a little less active.the other problem is a
couple of tough river crossings in the valley ,first at the napeequa river
then at the chiwawa river. this is followed by a 5 mile or so road walk to
the ghost town of trinity(no tresspassing). if you have done the offical
trail by all means take this alternative, its worth putting up with the
bugs,but if you havent take the main trail,vista ridge is great,but for the
main event,take a small detour to image lake,its view of glacier peak is awe
inspiring and has the greatest view from a privy you will ever see!.

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