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[pct-l] Flight of the Spiriteagle

hi all,

We finally have access to a computer, the first time in weeks.  We came
Etna to resupply, and met the hospitable Joyce Bradley at her very nice 
B&B/hiker hostel here.  Dunsmuir had email, but the library was closed
Friday. Oh well. We have had some very good experiences in the past few 
weeks. Section P was probably the best section on the trail, for us. 
the beauty of the Sierras, without the daily danger or the crowds.  We
got to go swimming in some lovely lakes a time or two. We saw two bears,
first on the trail, which was also fun.  Other recent highlights: Burney 
Falls  is one of the prettiest waterfalls I've ever seen. (And I've seen
few!)  Hat Creek Rim meant a 30 mile day, carrying enough water to last
30 miles. (We reached water the next morning.) Section O had been
cleared of 
blowdowns, for the most part, but was still horribly overgrown and with 
masses of poison oak. (Guess who's allergic? Both of us.)  Still seeing
of rattlesnakes, and one that looked like a coral snake, but might have
a king snake.  We've only seen two thruhikers over the past two weeks -
and Starman, though we know there are others out there.  Fair number of 
dayhikers and section hikers too. It hasn't been lonely.  Jim's new
proved disasterous - his feet are raw hamburger at the moment.  Ashland
only 120 miles away, somehow we'll get replacements.  Otherwise, we are
and enjoying the trail more than we have in a long time.  It really is 
beautiful country.
Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny
Spirit Eagle
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