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[pct-l] Re: [pct-l) trail sprouting

Hi, Jack!  (I couldn't resist).
We eat sprouts on the trail every day.  I bought plastic lids for
sprouting jars (they are designed to fit a quart mason jar) at Loma
Linda Market.  The plastic lid is full of holes to allow sprouts to
breathe and make them easy to rinse.  I screwed the plastic lid onto a
plastic coffee jar.  They fit just fine.  The plastic coffee jar is
Folgers 12 oz size.  I start the sprouts at home a few days before the
trip.  If you carry multiple jars you can have fresh sprouts every day. 
They weigh very little.  I suppose a backpacker could carry one jar in a
side pocket. (Maybe give one jar to each person in your group to carry?)
Since I am a llama packer, I put four jars in the big bucket I am
required to bring for watering my llamas.  All I have to do is make sure
I rinse them morning and night.  It's not necessary to fill the jar with
water when rinsing.  Just put in enough water to cover the sprouts,
swirl it about, and pour it out.  Also, I don't make a full batch of
sprouts in each jar, as I want to eat them fresh and don't want to eat
that many sprouts in one day.  I prefer the big seeds--lentils, mung
beans or adzuki beans-- for this purpose. We add them to whatever stew
or slop we are eating for out main course.  The little sprouts--alfalfa,
radish, clover,etc. aren't as tasty when mixed with hot food.  They just
go to moosh.  

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