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[pct-l] Oregon PCT

Hello All:

I'm interested in learning more about the PCT in Oregon.  I have the popular
guidebook, and though it is an appreciated work, it remains lacking...

I'd like to know details about the trail with regard to static conditions
(i.e. those that do not change like the weather) and some of those that can
be dynamic even during the summer months.

Here is a little background that will help reveal what I am after.  I'd like
to section hike the OR PCT, by way of day and weekend hikes (and longer
where it is difficult to be picked up at a trailhead without an extra day or
so to hike to one).  I will not do the sections in order, rather according
to circumstances that make sense at the time (partner to hike with,
weather...).  I will simply be sure to complete all sections, eventually,
despite the jumping around...

Specifically I'd like to pre-obtain details and tips - enough information so
that I feel as if I know the area before going (to a reasonable extent).

Here is a list of things that come to mind now:

- Which sections are not so clearly marked (or hard to find the trail)?
[For example, crossing lava bed areas or snow]
- Which sections generally have more bear activity? [Perhaps areas around
Crater Lake]
- Which sections have a large population of mosquitoes? [I've heard mostly
south of Sisters]
- Which sections require significant stream/river crossings?
- Which sections are the most strenuous/difficult to backpack? [Generally
- Which sections are the easiest to backpack that most people make pretty
good miles? [Generally speaking]
- Which sections do you feel are the highlights, with regard to scenery.
- Which sections see the least amount of travel?

Any information that you can direct me to that have an abundance of
*practical* and informative OR PCT trail information (e.g. books, web sites,
journals, knowledgeable individuals,...) would be greatly appreciated.
Note I have already reviewed the pcta.org site and the popular books.

I know there are some experienced and helpful fellow-hikers on this list,
and I look forward to the wisdom and insight.

Thank you so very much.


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