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[pct-l] Re: cuisine challegne

I started this thread and then was off-line for several days and I'm about 
to go to yellowstone for another 8 days.

Yeah I think the food thing could easily make another list.  How does one go 
about setting up such a beast. sounds fun!

Jeff E asked what kind of stove do you use for the cooking?

I use a old hank roberts mark III. With a wind screen we get +12 boiled pots 
of water out of a canister.  That means about 4 days per canister for us.   
Many of our meals, such as the split pea cereal, are designed to be true hot 
water meals.  To us this meal add to hot water stir and eat.  No waiting 
around camp for gourmet oatmeal.

Actually gourmet is not what we are after.  just a real healthy balanced 
diet that tastes great.

Also we usually grab a rice cake with tahini mixed hot sauce or mustard and 
break camp early in the AM. Then about 10 we stop for tea and brew-up making 
a hot water meal then.  we hike to noon stop for another quick cold snack 
then have another hot meal at guess what time---yes 4 o'clock tea! hike on 
until we camp and have another cold snack and maybe a pot of ginger tea.

We make a crazy gorp using dried shrimp, 3 kinds of seaweed, roasted pumpkin 
seeds and puffed millet.

most of our ingredients come from the buld section of our local food coop so 
we are able to keep the costs down. Our real trick is the asian and middle 
eastern food markets. these are culture that developed foods withour 
refridgeration and they have a lot of great tricks. the middle eastern foods 
and idian foods are often lite as these are nomadic cultures.

Jack Young

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