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[pct-l] Re: average miles per day?

on 7/24/00 3:00 PM, pct-l-digest at owner-pct-l-digest@majordomo.hack.net
> Snoqualmie Pass to Skykomish (Stevens pass) - 75 miles
> Skykomish(Stevens pass) to Stehekin(Rainy pass) - 117 miles
> Rainy Pass to Manning Park - 69 miles
> Obviously, taking all factors into consideration, (snow, weather, stream
> crossings, etc.)
> What could I expect to average in miles per day?  Or, how many days between
> resupply spots?

Depends if you are on throughhiker mode or want to soak up the scenery. I
took my time when I did the stretch between Harts Pass and the border. For a
look at that trip report, visit


Tom Griffin
University of Washington
<<<<<20 years of school and then they put ya on the day shift>>>>>

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