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[pct-l] Hiking mpd ( miles per Day )

 I look at an average day being 15 miles a day when I plan a trip. Anything 
more is just gravy for me. I know many thru-hikers who think 20 is average. 
Conditioning, age , weather, and grade are all big players. In Washington, 
the Glacier Peak Area can be a grind with 15 being really good for me. Twenty 
a day is the top end of my sustainable comfort zone. I plan my food drops to 
error on the heavier side. Take eight day worth if hiking seven. Of course 
this year in the desert , I overpacked on food as did most other hikers from 
the looks of the leftovers at the Post Offices. ( I n the heat , your just 
more thirty. Then again , if hiking in cold, you eat more to keep your 
furnace going. Good luck.
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