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RE: [pct-l] average miles per day?

Hi John,

This is a particularly difficult, scenic and rewarding section of the PCT.
For northbound thru-hikers it is a fitting finale to an epic journey.  The
Glacier Peak area is especially difficult and prone to rain and snow even in
August and September.  Both the elevation change and the bad weather, if you
get it, will slow you down.  For instance, in '97 I averaged 25 miles per
day from Tahoe to Manning.  In "relatively flat" northern California and
Oregon I did a number of 30 mile days.  But Glacier Peak was much tougher.
Snow was falling on the ridge tops and the relentless climbs made 20 miles
per day a difficult total for me.

In '99 I again did that section, with my father, as part of a long section
hike.  Once again there was snow falling at the higher elevations, but we
were able to maintain our planned 20 miles per day by putting in nearly
maximum effort on the hardest days.

There are, no doubt, people who can do bigger miles in this section,
especially if the weather cooperates.  In fact, I hope to average 30+
through there in '01 during my calendar triple crown attempt.  But unless
you're in really top shape and get good weather I wouldn't plan for more
than 20.  People in less than "young thru-hiker" shape will do considerably

I hope this helps.

P.S.  The road to Stehekin is 20 PCT miles south of Rainy Pass.    

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From: John Ubinger [mailto:jjubie@icubed.com]

Snoqualmie Pass to Skykomish (Stevens pass) - 75 miles
Skykomish(Stevens pass) to Stehekin(Rainy pass) - 117 miles
Rainy Pass to Manning Park - 69 miles

Obviously, taking all factors into consideration, (snow, weather, stream
crossings, etc.)
What could I expect to average in miles per day?  
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