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[pct-l] average miles per day?

Snoqualmie Pass to Skykomish (Stevens pass) - 75 miles
Skykomish(Stevens pass) to Stehekin(Rainy pass) - 117 miles
Rainy Pass to Manning Park - 69 miles

Obviously, taking all factors into consideration, (snow, weather, stream
crossings, etc.)
What could I expect to average in miles per day?  Or, how many days between
resupply spots?
I am trying to plan how many meals to take for each leg of the trip, etc.
I plan on starting at Snoqualmie Pass around  August 3rd.
I am traveling solo, am in good shape and plan on hiking a good portion of
the day.
I also plan on stopping at Skykomish and Stehekin for an overnight of food,
shower, bed, etc.
I am aware that alot has to do with my personal speed and endurance, I'm
just looking for some feedback and personal experiences in this particular
portion of the PCT.
Thanks for any input that you can provide.

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