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RE: [pct-l] average miles per day?

Re your average miles per day....... This all depends on how many miles you
know that you
will hike in any one day.  I am OLD and my average miles per day is 12

So on the Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass 75 miles,  we took  6 days of food,
when I hiked it was a dry year so we had to make the mileage to the various

Stevens to Rainy Pass - I was figuring 10 days of food here and if I got out
sooner, then  good for me.  Note in the PCT guide book there are several
long ups and downs loosing and climbing elevations in this section.

Rainy Pass to Manning Park - we had planned 6 days of food and planned to be
out in no more than 6 days.

Now if you are a 15 to 20 mile a day person then you would not need so many
days of food.

You got my impute,
Cheers,   Marge the old gal

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