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Re: [pct-l] average miles per day?


I have hiked these sections of trail on two separate occasions, once
northbound, and once southbound.  I do not remember exactly how many days of
hiking this entailed, but I do know that from Skykomish to Stehekin, the
terrain is somewhat difficult with some very big elevation gains and losses,
the highlight of which is Fire Creek Pass in my opinion.  It can be hiked at
25 mile a day averages, but this involves hiking the entire day just as a
thru hiker does.  I would take a base guess of what you want to walk and
maybe add just a little extra food through this section in case you decide
to slow down and rest, or to stop and enjoy Lake Sally Ann, or Micah lake
for an longer period of time.  Both are worthy of extended visits.
    The section of Rainy Pass to Manning park is not as difficult and
involves more traversing, but there are still some very adequate gains and
descents there as well.  Still, you should be able to tackle this section as
quickly, or as slowly as you desire.

    Have a great hike.

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