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[pct-l] Greetings from the trail.

Hello all you couch potato PCT thru-hiker wantabe's. Don't you wish you were out here too?

Well life is going on well for this year's crop of hikers. We've made it to Beldon without too many problems. The feet are fine now, the Sierras are but a fond memory, Northern CA is hot but the trails are in good shape for the most part.

Everyone's looking forward to getting to Oregon for a change. The pack of hikers is spreading out as people pick up the pace. We've hiked several days without seeing anyone until getting to town. 

Hope you're not spending all of your time debating non topics, shoes, ice axes, etc.  For the record - Running shoes rock, especially if they fit well. Haven't had any foot problems since Kennedy Meadows. Ice axes wern't needed this year, not enough snow. Tarps are great. Course I've slept in one twice in the last two months. Bugs haven't been bad except in a few places, of course there's still Oregon. Alcohol stoves are really in this year. Mine hasn't failed me once and many a Whisperlight has been traded for them. 

Well hope you are having a great summer debating the really important issues of life. See you in the Fall.

Ron "Fallingwater"

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