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[pct-l] Suspending Soon

I'll be suspending my PCT-L subscription next week before I begin my summer 
hike in northern CA. 

Some friends and I plan to begin this year's hike in Sierra City on August 1, 
hiking through to Lookout Rock to finish Section M.

Then we'll move up to Section O to hike from Peavine Creek to Grizzly Peak 
Lookout Road. You veterans of the list will recognize this as the "blowdown 
area" from two years ago.

Then about mid-August, we'll hit the trail again at Scott Mountain Summit 
(Section P) and hike through to I-5 in Oregon (Sections Q & R).

Perhaps we'll see some of you along the way, especially if you happen to be 
section hikers like us, or maybe you are just running a little behind the 
'normal' thru-hiker schedule.

See you out there,
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