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Re: [pct-l] dead bird stays in wilderness

Actually that was a joke (a lark, if you will). I agree that dead animals in
the wilderness (with the possible exception of the dead horses we've
encountered!) should stay there.

That mention, however, was prompted by an actual event: On our '77 thruhike,
we found a dead bird at the fire station in Anza, thought it would be more
appropriate in someone else's pack than on the fire station's patio, and one
of us (unknowingly) packed it _in_ to the wilderness. That is, if you call
Herkey Creek Camp "wilderness." This particular bird (a finch) was long past
being anyone else's meal (you might call it turkey jerky) and not in a place
where it would contribute substantially to the soil, okay?

Do I hafta keep reminding you people not to take me so seriously? <g>

Yours in support of dead birds in the wilderness,

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