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[pct-l] cuisine challegne

At the risk of being a snob as well as de'classe', I've only been on this 
list for awhile and have benefited greatly from it - thanks to all.  I'm 
certainly not the hiker that most of you are, but I have one item of 
puzzlement.  I'm getting the impression that, like many americans, in the 
ultra light crowd hohos, dolly madison and poptarts qualify as food. If 
that's true for you please delete this message now and read no further--it's 
a waste of your time.

for me though - 'a contraire - I just can't to that.

I cooked sauses through college, eat mostly organics, stay away from glutin 
and dairy and don't compromise on the trail.

When in France a few years ago and my plane (air afrique-of course)to Mali 
was 12 hours late.  I went to the cute french lady at the air france counter 
and she sent me down stairs for a meal.  When I got there a nice bottle of 
red and a plate of pate was waiting for me, then came several other fine 
cafe type courses...it took me about five minutes but I got the point.  
After the simple finale of chocolate and cheese I was glad the flight was 
late-amazing!!!! Then I got on the air afrique flight and it started all 
over again!!! Hey so what the plane's late-the food it great!!!  VIVA LA 
FRANCIAS!  Good food matters cuz life is gonna deal out a yuck day 
occasionally and often good food is about the only thing you can control     
       so - bon apetite!!!

I'd like to start a thread of cuisine that meets ultra light and desent 
gastranomic standards and well as being heathly and easy to cook.

One of our favorites hot water breakfasts is:

dried miso soup mix (with seaweed of course) with dried organic pea soup and 
organic brown rice flour (acts like quick cream of rice but cheaper and it 
is basicaly the same thing) sometime we mix a little chili flakes and or 
garlic in it and of course the BEST OLIVE OIL money can buy....protien, 
veggies, clean fat and good fiber--

bon apetite!!!
Jack Young
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