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RE: [pct-l] trail conditions-Snoqualmie to manning?

This is from a trip report on the Washington Trails Assoc site www.wta.org
date 7/18.

Pacific Crest #2000 - The North Cascades
Pacific Crest Trail (north from Hart's Pass)and Slate Peak
Just got back from a three-day field trip near Hart's Pass and conditions
are better than those reported by Okanogan District. The snow is melting
fast and the PCT has snow patches. From the Hart's Pass area you can easily
hike a mile in either direction on the PCT before encountering snow that
requires an ice axe. The first hiker from Canada this year reached Hart's
Pass on Saturday the 16th of July. The road to Slate Peak is almost
completely melted out and the road should be entirely snow-free by the time
this is printed. It's an easy road walk to Slate Peak Lookout, only 1/4 of a
mile one way. The maintenance road to the lookout site is permanently gated
at that point. Flowers rule. Meadows Campground is almost totally melted
out -- only a couple of sites had snow in them and that was melting fast.
The report from the ranger district dated 7/8 indicates that the campground
and the PCT (at Hart's Pass) are almost totally snow-covered but it's not
true. Be sure to say "Howdy" to the volunteer ranger at the Hart's Pass
Guard Station, Jerry. He's full of interesting stories and a joy to visit

Jeff Ziegler
zsjeff@wport.com <mailto:zsjeff@wport.com>

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