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RE: [pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

>If BEACHBUM's dehydrating ideas work and I can pack dehydrated hamberger,
>tuna and sauces, I'll eat even better. However I'll still eat real

Wait till you try my spaghetti. Just try it....you'll like it...lol. You
really won't be able to tell the difference.

1/4 cup dried commercial sauce. Run the sauce through a blender both before
and after you dry it. If done properly, it should be a powder. Mix it with
about a  cup of hot water in a snack bag, kneading the sauce. It will
reconstitute almost instantly.
1/4 cup dried ground beef  IN SEPARATE BAGGIE. Let it rehydrate with a
squirt of cold water or boiling water before you add your raman noodles to
the water.
1 pkg. Raman noodles only 
1/4 cup REAL Parmesan cheese, shreaded.
Add cheese and a squirt of canola oil.
It all goes in a Glad Stand and Zip quart bag. No clean up.


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