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RE: [pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

At 10:39 AM 7/20/00 , Reynolds, WT wrote:
>Statistically there is zero percentage of long-distance hikers. My typical
>hike of 50-100 miles is probably in the top 10% of people who hike. The
>general solution IS the weekender. The long-distance hiker is a VERY special

This list is a VERY special case. I think the percentage of long distance 
hikers on this list is significant. If you include the folks who intend to 
be long distance hikers, then that probably includes most of the list. Your 
assumption above is invalid in THIS forum.

 > Both you and beachbum have evolved
 >your personal meal system to a high degree to suit your personal taste.

My "food" system not special or unique to me. I just followed advice that I 
found in the resources commonly recommended to prospective thru-hikers. I 
cook food I like, mix in extra olive oil and throw it in the dehydrator I 
have. Nothing hard or special. Sometimes I even just go to REI and buy 
Mountain House food (for short trips anyway, I don't like the stuff for 
more than a couple of days).


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