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RE: [pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

re: My point is from looking in MY pack and knowing what I carry.

Yes and BEACHBUM makes the same point. Both you and beachbum have evolved
your personal meal system to a high degree to suit your personal taste.
Having done that, you conclude that you don't need to simmer. OK, I agree.
Therefore your advice is: Evolved your personal meal system to a high degree
to suit your personal taste THEN decide what stove/fuel to take. I agree. We
all agree. You, I and Beachbum started from the food perspective, not the
stove or fuel

re: You are approaching this from a weekender point of view, but promoting
conclusions as a general solution. This long distance hiker looks at things 

Statistically there is zero percentage of long-distance hikers. My typical
hike of 50-100 miles is probably in the top 10% of people who hike. The
general solution IS the weekender. The long-distance hiker is a VERY special

Re: If course, if you are sitting around in camp all day, and not hiking,
you probably don't have the 
same kind of trail hunger.

Totally accurate, and food is important in this instance

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