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RE: [pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

I think we are making two different points

Neither stove nor fuel is where the weight is. The weight is in the food.

I can cook normal rice, normal pasta normal Mac n' cheeze normal noodles and
whatever -- the stuff you buy at supermarkets -- the stuff that tasts good.
As a result I am satisfied with my meals and don't pack a pound of Oreo
Cookies, Salami or some other heavy prepared food. 

My advice is based on looking at people's packs and seeing what they really
carry, not a theoritical concept. My point is: Focus on the weight fo the
food YOU REALLY EAT because there is where you can save the most weight

A standard butane canister is 3.5 of metal and 8 ounces [wt] of fuel.
Therefore I leave for a weeks walk with about 12 ounces [fuel+container] and
3.5 ounces [stove] for a total weight of 16 ounces for 8 overnights.
Theirfore the most weight you can save is a pound....if you don't carry a
stove at all. Compared to what I see out there I am packing a POUND A DAY
LESS food weight. I carry a full canister every time. I don't try to save
two bucks but then I don't buy expensive backpacking food either. 

Look at what you cook at home. You have to SIMMER all the time. If no simmer
food tasted better why not eat it at home? For example, why not use Miniute
Rice instead of RiceaRoni? Answer: Most people like the taste of RiceaRoni
better. So why not take what you LIKE to eat on the trail?

If BEACHBUM's dehydrating ideas work and I can pack dehydrated hamberger,
tuna and sauces, I'll eat even better. However I'll still eat real


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