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[pct-l] RE: pct-l-digest V1 #1199

Brian Robinson was looking for recommendations on a good canister stove. I
just finished ten days traveling between Bishop Pass and Mt. Whitney on the
JMT part of the PCT. We used a Primus Multifuel stove with the Primus
canister. Primus fuel is part Butane and part Propane. It cooked food
rapidly and efficiently at 11,600 feet elevation and above 10,000 ft. many
other times. I can't say the exact efficiency, but I felt that cooking for
two at these elevations I would save on total weight because of the high
heat content of the fuel. This is as opposed to using my home-made cat food
can alcohol stove. But during May, on the West Coast Trail plus the Juan de
Fuca on Vancouver Island, I used my alcohol stove for 7 days and two
persons. It worked great and it was nice to get away from the roaring stove
noise. One night when it rained heavily, I cooked safely from the small tent
vestibule with this incredible, quiet, and free alcohol stove.

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