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Re: [pct-l] bears/CA

> Now, how many of you know where Siskiyou County is?

They have some misplaced counties up there.  If I'm reading
my map right,

  Much of the Siskiyou National Forest is in Oregon,
  not in Siskiyou County.

  Mt. Shasta is in Siskiyou County, not in Shasta County.

  Lassen Peak is in Shasta County, not in Lassen County.

  The bulk of what was once Mt. Tehama is not in Tehama
  County -- it's in Shasta County.

  Lassen National Forest?  In Tehama County and Siskiyou.
  Oh, and partly in Lassen County  :-)

> ... how many of you know where a "town" named Forks of
> the Salmon is in this same county?

Do they still have that cool coat-of-arms plaque thing on
the main town hall?  (A dinner plate with a big salmon on it,
and two forks crossed over it.)

Cecilville is nearby.  One of my most memorable day hikes
ever started near there.  (Up and over the ridge to Grizzly
Creek, and up along that, to Grizzly Falls and Grizzly Lake.
Just barely north of Thompson Peak, the tallest in the
Trinity Alps.)

I just picked up a map of the Marble Mountains Wilderness
today.  I think that's in Siskiyou County.

> (thank god you are not up here)

That don't mean we ain't thinking about visiting :-)

 -- Doug
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