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RE: [pct-l] Bears and Nyquil


"""""""The Cat stove is great for one or two people.  It will easily boil a
of water and simmer.  It's even reasonable, given the 1.6oz weight to carry
two or more for larger groups.'''''''''''

Okay will try again.........once I go out hiking I come back and forget how
to use the computer.

When I hiked all of Oregon, my friend and I took a GAZ small canister stove
(he liked to cook) one canister lasted us about 4 days and we lit it maybe 3
times a day.  the canisters were easy to put in our resupply boxes AND OF
course did everything the Esbit or Cat food stove did not with convenience.
Now for 2 people, and if you are willing to cook by just boiling 2 cups of
water, then the Esbit
stove and tablets have been my choice. Still have not got my Cat stove to
stop sooting up.
Marge (the old gal)

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