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Re: [pct-l] Bears and Nyquil

> Carl, don't carry entire Nyquil
> bottle, just the small plastic cap. ( Keep your whisperlight for climbing
> winter trips. ( I have an old MSR model 9 from 1973 that still I'm still
> of as well ,but it's an easy 12oz. weight cut reduction to go alcohol and
> pure delight to just fill and light )

Monte: You obviously didn't feel the tug on your leg... If I really thought
you needed to bring the bottle, I would have asked whether to get the 12 oz.
or economy 24 oz. size.

But in fact, I really do use the Whisperlite still--because we're usually
cooking for four. My biggest weight loss (1 pound) came this year when I
switched from stainless to titanium pots.

Have you tin-snip tinkerers come up with a practical lightweight solution
for group cooking? I don't think a cat-food stove will do the job.

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