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[pct-l] PCT of the North

 Thanks Marge for your note about Harts Pass area. Snow is real here till the 
third week of July Most years. ( take an ice axe through the month of July on 
this section.) Don't worry about bear canisters up this this section. Just 
keep a clean camp and hang food as usual. ( Bears up on that part of the bear 
are targets for 4 months a year. ( Starting in early Aug. is Bear Season and 
early high Buck hunting is Sept. 15th. ) Stehekin is a great place to rest up 
and fatten up. ( Bring a VISA card or lots of money. P.S. MUST READ 
EVERYONE------ A walk in the woods, story of two fat  44 year old rookies on 
the AT, I can't put it down. The guy really knows how to write and any old 
thru-hiker will feel like their back on the trail. Monte
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