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Re: Re:[pct-l] Don\'t use a tarp in bear country <g>

I noticed that the article didn't say whether the bears in the area were
grizzly or black bears.  Since they mentioned a "bear viewing area" I assume
they were grizzly bears.

Anyway, although Brick's note was a joke, it wouldn't surprise me if a tent
was a bit safer.  There are three (purely hypothetical) reasons why this
might be so:

(1) Tent's look strange, and unless the bear was already familiar with tents
and their contents the tent could have a deterrent effect.

(2) Although a bear can obviously go right through a tent, it wouldn't know
WHERE to go through.  Many predators (I don't know about bears)
preferentially attach the neck or head.

(3) The extra few seconds might have given the victim  enough time to mount
a defense.

On the other hand, I don't plan to give up my tarp quite yet.

-- Jim

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